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    A Locksmith offering a Key Cutting service should be your first port of call if you need a spare set of keys cutting for your door, windows or for your vehicle.  More than likely you will need a replacement set of keys cut for a variety of reasons you might have lost your keys, damaged your keys or just need a spare set of keys. We offer many of our services for home or domestic, as well as business or commercial premises. 24hour emergency services are also usually offered.

    Types of Keys that We Cut

    We are able to duplicate any set of keys and also cut keys to fit any type of lock you wish.   This could range from car key cutting to copying keys for security safes, front and back door keys for the house, windows keys, church keys and many others.

    Antique and Vintage Keys

    Old vintage keys are a specialist area of key cutting, since we specialize in cutting old keys, we will be able help with any of the follow type of key: Old Church Keys, Skeleton Keys, Heart Keys, Flat / Barrell, Suitcase / Briefcase Keys, Old Furniture cabinets, desks or chest drawers.

    Types of Key Cutting Services That We Offer

    We will be able to offer a variety of key cutting services should you need a replacement set of keys, most will be able to cut keys in store should they own a retail premises, or cut keys on site if they are emergency locksmith.    In some instances you key may just be broken and stuck in the door, again a locksmith will be able provide you with a copy of your keys. Depending on who among us will be duplicating he/she will usually check over or hand finish the key to ensure no sharp edges.\


    We usually do this for the following reasons: Most commonly finishing the new copy to ensure when the key is used in the lock it does not leave any scores or imperfections on the leavers/detainers inside the lock, If the levers or detainers were to get scored this could result in more than one lever/detainer lifting inside the lock in operation causing a potential lock out situation.

    The same applies to deburing cylinder type keys or any type of pin tumbler or wafer style lock as swarf (tiny fragments of metal) can get into the lock and cause issues with tolerances or reliability of that lock. We take these actions because wehave a great understanding of what goes on inside the lock once the key is entered. If you have lost your car keys or broken them or just need to duplicate vehicle keys, a Locksmith will be able to cut keys for your car/van/motorbike whatever vehicle you may have.