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About Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor is one of the busiest city in the state of Michigan. One of the nation’s most prestigious university – the Universiy of Michigan is located right at the heart of Ann Arbor and houses around thirty thousand students.

Unlike other cities in Michigan, residents of Ann Arbor enjoy biking and walking and other physical activity. Thanks partly to the university, the public transportation is also well developed and established here. Nearby city of Ypsilanti also hosts a university and hence there are so many nightclubs, bars and restaurants in Ann Arbor. The night life in this city is pretty active.

Wolverines are the football team of Michigan and the largest football stadium is also located here. Situated in Washtenaw county, Ann Arbor’s streets – Main street and State street are lined up with numerous local businesses.

The climate here is pretty midwestern thanks to the great lakes nearby. The University of Michigan’s campus has many performing arts groups.  Many annual events take place here and draw hundreds of thousands of people to Ann Arbor – especially during the summer.

Ann Arbor Public Schools contains about a dozen schools with about twenty thousand students enrolled. The Ann Arbor News is the major newspaper here.  Madras Masala, one of the most popular Indian restaurants is located in Maynard-street in the heart of the city. Plumbers, handymen, and locksmiths in Ann Arbor are a dime a dozen here.

There is so much to do and see with City of Ann Arbor Parks and Recreation. The city’s one hundred parks and fifteen parks facilities host a variety of amenities and activities for all ages, abilities, and interests.

The city is surrounded by Chelsea, Dexter, and Saline on either side, along with Ypsilanti. In conclusion, Ann Arbor is a must visit city when you visit Michigan or even any state in the midwest!

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