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Losing a set of keys, moving into a new home, going through a divorce or simply realizing that too many copies of your house keys are in circulation can prompt the need to change the entry locks on your home. You can have the lock cylinders reset to use a new key, or you can replace all the locks.

Lock Replacements That We Offer Clients

When calling a us for a quote, try to give as many details as possible — the type of lock (the brand name is usually on the edge of the door) and whether the door is wood or metal, with a wood or metal jam. If you’re having the locksmith come to your home, be sure to ask what the minimum charge is for a service call, and if any off-hours (evenings or weekends) fees will apply. Ask for our recommendations at the local hardware store. Locksmith fees can vary considerably, so call around and get several estimates. Make sure the locksmith is licensed and bonded (there have been some scams where thieves masqueraded as locksmiths), and check whether there are any complaints with the Better Business Bureau.

Common Lock Problems That We Fix

  • If the key won’t turn in lock
  • If key is worn out over time
  • If key is broken inside the lock
  • If you have a broken latch
  • We also offer front door and deadbolt lock repair, car door lock repair, trunk lock repair and so much more that have not been mentioned which deals with lock replacements.

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    Main Services That We Offer Include

    Changing and fitting locks. This is when you either need to replace your door lock or replace it by fitting a new lock. We also offer guarantee you emergency locksmiths. This means that you are able to get a locksmith at your property within an hour whenever you need one in an emergency. The service is offered 24 hours round the clock.

    If your property has been broken into, we will ensure that all your property is kept safe and this is done by replacement of your locks. It may also include enhancement of your grills and window locks too apart from the door ones. If you have just moved houses, we will ensure that we replace and reinforce your door locks in your new property. By not changing your door locks and window locks when you move in you are putting your property at risk of getting burgled and your insurance may be invalid.

    We have dedicated teams of locksmiths.

    By choosing us as your locksmith to replace your locks, you can have the peace of mind that your property is in the hands of a regulated and respected professional.